It Isn't Easy Being Green

Brittney's yard has been organic for 18 years - She's got the nicest lawn in the neighboorhood!
Customer Brittney Kyle's Backyard. Gardening done by Boreal Bioscapes.

We're not even finished with January and I'm already making plans for April and May! Running a green business presents several challenges over running a business that doesn't worry about such trifles like noise and air pollution. I was going to look up statistics on small engine and lawn mower emissions, but I'll save that for another post. The main point is that gas powered mowers, trimmers, and blowers all create emissions and contribute to our local air quality. The more of these machines that run every day, the more pollutants in our air, and the lower our air quality. Its easy to come out of the gate with my hands in the air yelling that I've found the solution, but that would make me look silly for several reasons. The first being that I'm not the first one to feel this way, as other companies have already built companies based on my same general approach in the lower 48. The other is that when I bring up my superior battery power, and how batteries are better than gas, I run into a couple issues. The first being the charging of my batteries. Until I can get enough revenue rolling in to setup my solar powered trailer, I'm charging these batteries on the grid. And although Chugach does get some renewable power from the Eklutna Hydro Dam and Fire Island Wind power, I think the last numbers I had showed that about 89% was still coming from natural gas. Which supposedly burns a little cleaner than regular gasoline. Once I get my solar charging setup I won't have to worry about that. What I will have to worry about is how long these batteries last, and their durability. Just this winter I lost 2 of my large capacity batteries I use for mowing in the summer. I still have enough other batteries to limp through the season, but loosing batteries wasn't taken into consideration when I was planning things. If you loose your gas can, its a pain in the butt to go buy another one. But they're readily available and cheap to buy and fill when compared to loosing a 7.5 AH battery. These batteries aren't available by themselves up here yet. To obtain another large 7.5 AH battery I have to buy a whole mower combo kit, or sign up for the month long wait of slow boat shipping since Lithium Batteries can't fly. I still have a couple gas powered mowers in the shed as backups. We're trying to be green, but don't be surprised if we're out there making noise this summer!

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