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Green grass environmentally friendly lawn care service organic fertilizers

The big three

battery powered lawn mowing service zero emmision quiet clean green

Lawn Mowing

Clean and Quiet Battery Power

Weekly or biweekly mow & trim with our quiet battery powered equipment.

organic fertilizers spring summer fall winter omri natural

Lime and Fertilizer

Full Line of Organic Fertilizers

Maintain proper soil PH and nutrient levels with our organic and natural prodcuts.

dandelions weed control integrated pest management no chemicals bee safe friendly kids pets

Weed Control

Fully Integrated Weed Control

There are a few things besides chemicals we can use in the never ending battle on weeds.

Grass closeup lawn care anchorage mowing trimming  weeds edging soil test

Extra Services

sidewalk edging clean cut crisp professional


Give your lawn a crisp edge

We maintain edges as part of our basic lawn service, but we also cut back overgrown edges

know what is in your soil testing nitrogten phosphorus potassium PH acidity sweet soils master gardener alaska nutrients

Soil Testing

Master Gardener Interpertation

Soil testing can give you valuable information about how much and what your lawn needs.

grass seed overseed over-seed over seed thick lawn keeps weeds out healthy lawn weed prevention


Often Overlooked

Keep your lawn thick and lush to prevent weeds from getting a foot hold.

hedge trimmer trimming battery power maintenance clean cut professional

Hedge Trimming

Icing on the Cake

Don't let your crazy hedges district neighbors from your beautiful lawn.

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